Tsurumi International Lounge issues its “Tsurumi International Lounge News” (former “Hand-in hand, Tsurumi”) four times a year (January, April, July, and October) in seven languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog.)

The News not only introduces the foreign residents living in the local community, but also provides information useful for daily life. The copies are distributed through various public facilities, railway stations, medical institutions, and others in Tsurumi Ward.

●Back Issues

[Notice] Emergency first-aid for children

Notice:Event information in Tsurumi Ward】 On September 22nd (Sat), Bamboo Lantern Festival(Moon Viewing)

【Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】

Notification from the Tsurumi Ward Health and Welfare Center

(End)【Notice: Event information in Tsurumi Ward】8/19 (Sun) (Michijyuneh)

(End)【Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】 8/18 (Sat) Tsurumi River Summer Festival and Fireworks

(End)【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】July 28 & 29(Sat. & Sat.) (Tsurumi Shrine Tenno Festival)

(End)【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】 July 22nd(Sun) Tsurumi Japanese Music Federation Concert “Japanese Music Hyakka”

(End)【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi ward】 For the participants related to foreign countries「Facility Backstage Tour」

(End)【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】July 17th (Tue.)・18th (Wed.)・19th (Thur.)“Mitama-matsuri”, Festival of Spirits at Daihonzan ( Head Temple) Soji-ji Temple: Bon Dance Festival and Fireworks Display

(End)【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】July 21st (Sat.)”Salvia Wanpaku Land”

【Notice】Regarding the study support class for children in August

2018/06 Lounge News No. 54 En

【Notice: There’s no study class for children on June 30. No class on the fifth Saturday!】

(End)【Notice:Event Information of Tsurumi Ward】June 3rd (Sun.)JAMOKAMO Festival

(End)【Notice:Event Information of Tsurumi Ward】June 2nd (Sat.)・3rd (Sun.) Annual Festival of Ushioda Shrine

(End)【 Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward 】 Mitsuike Park Festival on May 12 (Sat)

【NOTICE】TSURUMI Learning Support Class will be closed on May 5(Sat) for a Public Holiday.

(End)【Notice: Event Information of Tsurumi Ward】 4/29 (Sunday)

2018/04 Lounge News No. 53 en

(End)【NOTICE】 Guidance on Japanese Elementary Schools

2018/01 Lounge News No. 52 en

2017/10 Lounge News No. 51 en

2017/06 Lounge News No. 50 en

2017/04 Lounge News No. 49en

2017/01 Lounge News No. 48en

2016/07 Lounge News No. 46en

2016/04 Lounge News No. 45 en

(Expired) 2016/01 Lounge News No. 44 en

(Expired) 2015/10Lounge News No. 43 en