(End)【Notice: Event Information of Tsurumi Ward】 4/29 (Sunday)

“TAMATSURI ” (Paddy Fields Festival) at Tsurumi Shrine
Tsurumi Shrine has a festival called ” TAMATSURI “on the 29th of April. This festival is to pray to God for a good harvest in rice fields and other crops fields. ” TAMATSURI “is a very old festival. Once it has gone more than 100 years ago. However, it resumed in 1987 by the efforts of Tsurumi people and is a very unique festival. In this festival, we sing songs to pray for good harvest of rice. You can see the Omikoshi (portable shrine) as well.

April 29 (Sunday) 12: 00-19: 00
Tsurumi Shrine (1-14-1 Tsurumi-ku Chuuou Tsurumi-ku, 5 minutes walking distance from East Exit of JR Tsurumi Station)


Schedule of Festival

12:00 Refreshment stalls(A lot of small food and drink stalls will be set up at Tsurumi Shrine)
13:00   Singing and Dancing performance by Elementary school and Junior high school students.
16:30 ”Tamatsuri ” (Fields Festival) celebration (praying to God for harvesting a lot of rice and so on.) 17:30  Omikoshi (portable shrine)
18:00 ”Tamatsuri: Kamihogiuta” (Singing songs for God.)

*Other than this, There are also various events at the east exit of Tsurumi station.