(End)【Notice:Event Information of Tsurumi Ward】June 2nd (Sat.)・3rd (Sun.) Annual Festival of Ushioda Shrine

On June 2nd (Sat.)and 3rd (Sun.), we have a local festival at Ushioda Shrine.

Local people wearing Happi (traditional Japanese workman’s coat) parade while carrying Mikoshi (portable shrine) on their shoulders. In addition, there are a lot of street stalls where you can purchase food and drinks and play some games.


Venue:Neighborhood of Ushioda Shrine(3−131−3, Ushioda-cho, Tsurumi-ku

20 minutes walk from Tsurumi station.)

June 2nd  (Sat.)17:00 Portable shrine starts parading at Ushioda Shrine.

June 3rd (Sun.) 13:00 Portable shrines start at Ushioda Ginza shopping street(3−143−3,  Ushioda-cho, Tsurumi-ku), Honcho-dori shopping arcade(2−48−4, Honcho-dori, Tsurumi-ku)and Naka-dori shopping street(3-74-14, Naka-dori, Tsurumi-ku).

Street stalls are open inside the shrine and along the streets around the shrine

until 9 o’clock at night.

There’s no parking lots for cars and bikes. Please come here on foot.