【Notice】Regarding the study support class for children in August

Please be careful about the unusual schedule of August.

If you have any questions about the schedule of study support class,

please contact Tsurumi International Lounge to ask us.

TEL: 045-511-5311


Ordinary Study Class for ChildrenSaturday):

   Gakusyuu shien kyoushitsuSupport of beginning Japanese and study at school is given. Free of charge. First SaturdayThird Saturday * 10:0012:00

   TomodachiSupport of beginning Japanese. Fee charging * Second SaturdayFourth Saturday *10:0012:00

   Latin-American Seisyounen no gakusyuukaiSupport of study at school* Free of charge* Second SaturdayFourth Saturday* 14:0016:00