(End)【Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】 8/18 (Sat) Tsurumi River Summer Festival and Fireworks

Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward

 8/18 (Sat) Tsurumi River Summer Festival and Fireworks


 On August 18 (Sat), we have “Tsurumi River Summer Festival”, one of Tsurumi’s three major citizen festivals.

 During the daytime, you can enjoy eating and drinking at the refreshment stalls (*Mogiten), also enjoying dancing and concerts on the outdoor stage.

 In the evening, 1,800 fireworks are launched, and  they are very impressive.


(*Mogiten) Temporary stalls where you can buy food and drinks.


Date and time: August 18 (Saturday)

 * In case of bad weather, the festival will be cancelled and won’t be postponed next day. When you do not know whether there is the festival or not, please check on the web site or contact call center.


Web site: http://tsurumigawa.com

Call center: 050-6865-4115

(The phone number can be used only on the 17th and 18th of August )


Schedule:       Temporary stalls (Mogiten):                11: 3019: 30

Tsurumi River Dance & Concert:       13: 0018: 30

Tsurumi River Fireworks Festival:      19: 0019: 45


Venue: Around Tsukuno Park


Access: 15 minutes on foot from JR Tsurumi Station East Exit /

  Keikyu Tsurumi Station West Exit


Attention: Because the venue is very crowded, please don’t use any vehicles but walk    


                Smoking is prohibited in the venue.