(End)【Notice: Event information in Tsurumi Ward】8/19 (Sun) (Michijyuneh)

Notice: Event information in Tsurumi Ward8/19 (Sun) (Michijyuneh)

On August 19 (San), we have the festival called “Michijyuneh* ” at Naka Dori Shopping Street.  In this festival, you can see the parade, dancing “Acer” which is Okinawa’s traditional performing art.

* Michijyuneh: The word “Michijyuneh” is a changed one with a local accent from the word “Michizure” which means fellow travelers.  It also means the people watching the parade can walk and dance together.  Drum music, dancing and their make-up of Sanajah (Chondarah) are the highlights.

August 19 (Sun)

17:00 :    The  parade starts at Okinawa Bussan Center, Naka Dori Shopping

Okinawa Bussan Center, (3-74-14, Naka Dori, Tsurumi-ku)

You can ride on Yokohama City Bus from No.3 bus terminal for Line

              No. 15  via  Mukaicho  at Tsurumi Station East Exit.
It’s near the bus stop of “Naka ​​Dori 3-Chome ” . 

Around 18:00 :

             At the Yokohama Shinkin Bank Ushioda branch, the parade turns back

             and returns to the starting point.   (55, 1-Chome, Naka Dori, Tsurumi-ku)

Around 20:00 :

            The parade returns to Okinawa Bussan Center.
We will dance “Kachahshih”.

            (This is the dance to share our joy after a celebration such as a festival in

            It does not matter if you do not understand how to dance.  Let’s dance

            together, imitating people there.