(End)【Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】

【Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】

Information of Tsurumi Ward Residents Festival

You can enjoy performances of Japanese traditional arts and works such as calligraphy, bonsai (Japanese potted dwarf tree), Japanese dolls and so on. There is also an exhibition that shows the state of Tsurumi Ward 150 years ago.

* The events of the mark of □ are free of charge.

Venue: Tsurumi Ward Office 1F (3-20-1, Tsurumi Chuo)

□ Local History Exhibition

(Exhibition introducing the state of Tsurumi Ward 150 years ago)

September 11st. (Tue) – 14th (Fri) (Close at 15:00 on the 14th)


Venue: Tsurumi Public Hall (6th Floor, Fuga-1, 2-1, Toyooka-Cho)

□Gathering of Performing Arts (Performance of Japanese traditional dance)

November 18th (Sun)

□Shigin Competition (Shigin: one of Japanese traditional performing arts singing with setting a verse to Chinese poem)

December 9th (Sun)


Venue: Tsurumi Ward Cultural Center (Salvia Hall) (Sea Crane, 1-31-2, Tsurumi Chuo)

□ Calligraphy Exhibition

November 1st  (Thu) – 5th (Mon) (From 13:00 on 1st and close at 15:00 on 5th)

□ Koike Hisen Japanese Doll Exhibition (Exhibition of beautiful Japanese dolls expressing the lives of the Edo period)

November 9th (Fri) – 11th (Sun)

□ Exhibition of Bonsai (Japanese potted dwarf tree)

November 16th (Fri) – 18th (Sun)

■ Japanese Musical Gathering (Performance of Japanese traditional arts)

December 2nd (Sun) Fee: 2,000 yen

(Tickets sold on the day of the Performance: 2,500 yen)


Venue: Tsurumi Chuo Community House (Sea Crane, 1-31-2, Tsurumi Chuo)

■ Tea ceremony (You can drink traditional Japanese tea)

November 11st (Sun) 10: 00 -15: 00 Fee: 300 yen