(End)【Notice:Event information in Tsurumi Ward】 On September 22nd (Sat), Bamboo Lantern Festival(Moon Viewing)

On September 22nd (Sat), Moon Viewing Event will be held at Yokomizo Yashiki ※。In the garden, you will see many Bamboo Lanterns which must be very beautiful.  Also, you will enjoy “KOTO” performance, which is Japanese traditional stringed instrument.


Yokomizo Yashiki :It is the wealthy farmer’s house in Edo Period, where you will see old farmers’ dairy lives.  Every season, Japanese traditional event will be planned.

Moon Viewing: It is a sort of a festival, which people thank God for harvest, viewing  the moon and eating dumplings “Dango” made of rice flour.



Date :            September 22nd (Sat)

(In case of rain, it will be postponed on September 23rd  (Sun)

Time: 17:30~20:00

Fee:  \100(In case you eat Dumplings, pls pay \250 additionally)

Place:           YOKOMIZO YASHIKI (3-10-2, Shishigaya, Tsurumi Ward)



by Kawasaki-Tsurumi Rinkoh bus

03 Line(JR Tsurumi Station West Exit~Tokyu Tsunashima Station)

Get off the bus at 「神明社前」stop(Shinmeisyamae), and 8 min walking.

02 Line(JR Tsurumi Station West Exit ~JR Shin-Yokohama)

Get off the bus at 「表谷戸」stop(Omoteyato), and 5 min walking.


by Yokohama City Bus

104 Line(JR Shin-Yokohama Station ~JR Tsurumi Station West Exit)

Get off the bus at 「表谷戸」stop(Omoteyato), and 5 min walking.