【Notice: Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】 March 3rd (Sunday) Multicultural Coexistence Festival 2019 “Tsurumi Crossing “

“Tsurumi Crossing “will be held on the 3rd floor at the Salvia Music Hall.

You can enjoy song & dance performances by various countries. In addition, African folk costumes, musical instruments and introduction panels about International Conference on African Development are on display at Tsurumi International Lounge. We also hand over original goods of International Conference on African Development to those who answered quizzes about Africa.


Date and time: March 3rd (Sunday) 12: 00~16: 15

Place: (Performance of dancing etc.)

Tsurumi Kumin Bunka Center Salvia Hall 3F Music Hall

(African folk costume and musical instrument exhibition etc.)

Tsurumi International Lounge


Application: No beforehand application required. Admission is free.

* Music hall has 100 seats of capacity.

* The number of available goods is limited.