【Notice:Event Information of Tsurumi Ward】Cherry Blossom Festival at Mitsuike park (hanami : cherry blossom viewing party ※)

Japanese cherry blossoms will be in full bloom from end of March to beginning of April.

In Tsurumi ward, there is a famous park named Mitsuike Koen which is one of the top 100 tourist attractions for its beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan. As many as 78 kinds and 1600 cherry trees are planted in this park. Therefore, you can enjoy the various colors and shapes of flower petals.

※Cherry Blossoms Viewing Party(hanami):It is a party that you sit, drink and eat under the cherry trees with your friends or family members , appreciating beautiful cherry blossoms.

Please be well mannered and enjoy the party!


   Please use the designated area for eating and drinking.

  Please use the designated area for spreading a picnic sheet.

 Rope and stake to secure your spot is not allowed.

 You can’t throw away your rubbish but take them home.

 Cooking using a stove or metal flame like barbecue over a fire is prohibited.

Time & Date: 16th March (Sat.)~15th April (Mon.)

Fee:Admission fee \0(Parking lot is charged.)

Venue:Kanagawa-prefectural Mitsuike Park(1-1, Mitsuike park, Tsurumi-ku)

Web Site:(Access)http://www.kanagawaparks.com/mitsuike/

    (cherry blossom forecast)http://www.kanagawaparks.com/mitsuike/blog/


〇 If you take either bus( Kawasaki Tsurumi rinkou bus),

05 Route(west exit of JR Tsurumi~Higashi Terao on a circular route   or

06 Route(west exit of JR Tsurumi~Teraya on a circular route,

 Please get off at 「entrance of Terao junior highschool」(terao cyuugaku iriguchi)and walk  7 minutes to the park.

〇 If you take any of these Yokohama municipal bus, (Yokohama shiei bus)

6 Route、67 Route、104 Route(Entrance to JR Tsurumi~Kajiyama  or Shin-Yokohama,

Please get off at 「North gate of Mitsuike park」(mitsuike kouen kitamon)and walk 3 minutes to the park.