【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】July/17(Wed.)・18(Thurs.)・19(Fri.)Fireworks Display of Bon dance by main temple of Sojiji,” Mitama matsuri” 【festival for the spirits of the deceased 】

On July/17(Wed.)・18(Thur.)・19(Fri.), there will be a festival in the main temple of Sojiji.  You can dance(Bon dance)(※), and enjoy watching fireworks display. In addition, you can buy foods and drinks. There are also many stalls where games are available.

 ※Bon dance(ぼんおどり)

  You dance together to the music. If you don’t know how to dance, you can see and follow other people. Originally it is an old Japanese traditional event which stems from the dance to soothe the ancestors’ spirits of the deceased. Some people enjoy dancing with “Yukata”, light cotton kimono.

Place:Daihonzan Sojiji (main temple)(2-1-1, Tsurumi, Tsurumi ward   5 minute-walk from「Tsurumi station」west exit.)

 〇Bon dance       17:30~21:00

 〇Fireworks display  20:00~

Please don’t come to the place by car or bike, as there’s no parking lot.