【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】July 27 & 28(Sat. & Sun.) (Tsurumi Shrine Tenno Festival)

On July 27 & 28 (Sat. & Sun.), we have a local festival at Tsurumi Shrine.  Local people wearing Happi (traditional Japanese workman’s festival jacket) parade while carrying Mikoshi (portable shrine).  You can buy foods and drinks.  In addition, there are stalls you’ll be able to play games there.

This portable shrine is the oldest one in Yokohama-City. You also see Tekomai , adancer performed to lead portable shrine, wearing special clothes.

Venue:Neighborhood of Tsurumi Shrine(1−14−1, Tsurumi -chuo, Tsurumi-ku)

Highlight: On July 28 (Sun.) 18:00

                  Portable shrine starts parading from police box of JR Tsurumi Station East Exit.