Tsurumi Health and Welfare Center (Tsurumi Fukushi Hoken Center) News

The Tsurumi Health and Welfare Center is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Tsurumi Ward office. The Center provides consultation services and procedures for nursing care, childcare, health promotion, pensions, etc.

“Tsurumi Health and Welfare Center News” is the information booklet that describes where and what you can consult at the Health and Welfare Center. There are English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese editions.

The booklet will be distributed from April this year at the counter on the first floor of the Tsurumi Ward Office, at each counter on the second and third floors of Tsurumi Health Welfare Center as well as the Tsurumi International Lounge. We hope you will find it useful.

In addition, the Tsurumi Ward Office has a Spanish speaking staff from Monday to Friday and a Chinese speaking staff on Friday.