Application for a Licensed Nursery School for entering in April 2021

If parents cannot take care of children at home because of working or sick, you can leave them at a nursery school.

Please refer to “Yokohama City Nursery Guide for the 3rd year of Reiwa (in Japanese) “. You can get information about the application documents and acceptance period. This guide will be distributed from Monday October 12th2020.

How to apply: Sending by mail or applying at the counter at Tsurumi ward office. The application at the ward office will start from Tuesday November 3rd.

*The “User Guide”, which contains the required documents for applying, is available at counter No. 4 of Children and Family Support Division on the 3rd floor at the ward office, Tsurumi Station West Exit Administrative Service Corner, licensed nursery schools, Community Care Plaza and Wakkun Hiroba located at Wakkun Hiroba Satellite.

The ward office will distribute the ” User Guide” and the “Application Form” from Monday October 12th. You should fill them in when you apply. The application form of the following languages is also available.





Inquiries: Child and Family Support Division at Tsurumi Ward Office

Tel: 045-510-1816

*Hangul, Tagalog, and Portuguese are not available, so please contact the Tsurumi International Lounge if you would like to know about entering a licensed nursery school.