【Notice:Event Information in Tsurumi Ward】Information of Tsurumi Ward Residents Festival

You can enjoy performances of Japanese traditional arts and works such as Japanese calligraphy and Bonsai (miniature tree or plant in pots).

Please visit the venue with your mask on.

You can enjoy the events having these marks※□with free of charge.

VenueTsurumi Public Hall(6th Floor, Fuga-1, 2-1, Toyooka-Cho)

□ Gathering of Performing Arts(Performance of Japanese traditional dance) 

 November 8th (Sun.) 12:30~

VenueTsurumi Ward Cultural CenterSalvia Hall(Sea crane, 1-31-2,TsurumiChuo)

□ Exhibition of Bonsai 

October 23rd(Fri.)~25th (Sun.)  9:00~17:00

   (On 23rd →from 13:00  On 25th →Until 16:00)

□ Exhibition of Calligraphy

November 19th (Thur.)~23rd(Mon.・Holiday) 10:00 ~17:00

  (On 19日→ from 13:00     On 23rd→until 16:00)

□ Exhibition of Arranged Flowers

December 4th (Fri.)~6th(Sun.) 10:00 to 16:30

(On 6th→Until 16:00)

■ Gathering of Japanese traditional music(Performance of Japanese traditional arts)

December 6th(Sun.)Fee:¥2,000(A same-day ticket :\2,500)