【Notice: An Event in Tsurumi】11/1(Sun)~11/30(Mon)Autumn Short Trip(あきのぷちたび)

From 11/1(Sun) to 11/30(Mon), if you walk around Tsurumi Ward, there is an event called “Autumn Short Trip” where you can get various gifts. If you take the event pamphlet, you will receive a gift when you go shopping. There are 8 shops, such as bakeries and restaurants join this event, where you can receive the presents and they are listed in the pamphlet. You can get the pamphlet on the 1st floor of the ward office.

You can also download it from the homepage.(https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/tsurumi/shokai/odekake/midokoro/r02-puchitabi.html)

Four walking courses around tourist attraction in Tsurumi are introduced in the pamphlet. Besides, driving course to make you feel close to sea and art course are also provided. Please walk around Tsurumi and find many good spots in Tsurumi.

Period:  From 11/1(Sun) to 11/30(Mon)

How to participate: No application required. Please walk freely with the pamphlet.

Cost: 0 yen

Inquiries: Tsurumi Ward Office Ward Administration Promotion Division

 (Tsurumi Kuyakusho Kusei Suishinka)

TEL 045-510-1676

FAX 045-504-7102