【Notice:Event information in Tsurumi】January. 4th(Mon)~12th(Tues)

Tsurumi Seven deities of Fortune Tour  (つるみしちふくじんめぐり)

There is an event named “Tsurumi Seven deities of Fortune Tour” from January. 4th(Mon)to 12th(Tues).

“Tsurumi Seven deities of Fortune Tour” is a traditional event of Japanese New Year. During the tour, we prey to these 7 gods and they are enshrined by visiting all their temples and shrines. Then, it is said that deities will protect us all year around and good things will happen.

During this event, you will get a card with stamps of 4 temples and 2 shrines. These beautiful stamps are called “Goshuin”. Besides, the designs are distinguished from each other according to each temple and shrine. They are only available for free during the event. Feel free to visit to the temples and shrines in any order. During this event, let’s wish 2021 to be a good year!

*Goshuin is a red stamp given at the temple or shrine, to show that you have visited there.

Date and time:January. 4th(Mon)~12th(Tues) 9:00~16:00


・Yokohama Kumano Shrine(よこはまくまのじんじゃ):9-21, Ichibahigashin, Tsurumi

・Tsurumi Shrine(つるみじんじゃ):1-14-1, Tsurumichuo, Tsurumi

・Sojiji Head Monastery(だいほんざんそうじじ):2-1-1, Tsurumi, Tsurumi

・Shosenji Temple(しょうせんじ):4-31-4, Namamugi, Tsurumi

・Anyo Temple(あんようじ):1-22-12, Kishiya, Tsurumi

・Shoin Temple(しょういんじ):1-18-1, Higashiterao, Tsurumi

※The leaflet with map is available in the lounge

※Please wear a mask when visiting temples and shrines