Do you have any questions or concerns on daily life in Japan?

If so, Tsurumi International Lounge can provide you with free multilingual consultation services.

Please contact us at:


Schedule of multilingual consultation at the Lounge

         Mon.  Tue.  Wed.  Thu.  Fri.  Sat.  Sun. 
  English       9-17          9-17      9-17 
  Chinese   9-17  17-21  9-17  9-17          9-17 
  Korean                        9-17     
  Portuguese  9-17                  9-17     
  Spanish           9-17  9-17  9-21         
  Tagalog       9-17                     

Available languages vary depending on the date and time.

There are times when English consultation is also available in the evenings(17-21).

Consultation by telephone

Please call us at 045-511-5311.

Personalized consultation

Please stop by Tsurumi International Lounge. We would greatly appreciate it if you would make an appointment by phone in advance.

A 1-minute walk from the east exit of Tsurumi Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line

or 1-minute walk from Keikyu Tsurumi Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line

Address : 2F See Crane, 1-31-2 Tsurumi-chuo, Tsurumi-ku, 230-0051