I want to learn Japanese.


Japanese-language courses for foreign residents are offered at Tsurumi International Lounge by the following organizations:

・Japanese Language Class「Nakama」(Tuesdays)

・Tsurumi Japanese Language Class (Wednesdays)

・Nihongo de Tanoshimu Kai (Thursdays)

・Topics Discussion Class (Fridays)

・NPO Intercultural Exchange Group “Konnichiwa” (Fridays)

・1.2.3. Support Group for Learning Japanese (date/time negotiable, private lessons)

Japanese-language courses in Tsurumi Ward (other than the Lounge) are offered by:

・NPO Intercultural Exchange Group “Konnichiwa” (Saturdays)

・Japanese Language Class in Tsurumi(Detailed information)

Many other Japanese-language classes are offered in Yokohama City:

・Japanese-language classes offered by YOKE →click here

・Database of Japanese-language classes in Yokohama City →click here